Gerli Metalli has an entrepreneurial history intimately linked with the Gerli family. The Journey of Gerli Metalli began in 1906 but the first trading activity can be traced back to the middle of 1800 when Luigi Gerli worked as representative of Ferriere Valdarno for the sales of iron semis pig iron and coal. To these days the Founder’s idea to provide services to the metal and steel industries has been passed down in the “genes” of the family through the generations.

In 1935 Antonio, after the death of his father Alessandro, took over the business and began developing the non-ferrous metals sector with the predominance of the Tin market. Tin was regularly imported from Malaysia and Indonesia through English brokers. After a break during World War II the business restarted with an expanded range of products including Nickel, Lead and Copper semis.


In addition to building the business Antonio applied himself to establish the sector’s trade associations and was involved in the formation of Assofermet in 1948.

During the 60s the company grew and flourished in line with the wider economic boom with Alessandro and Giorgio representing the fourth generation of the family to take on the business.


From this time until the end of the 90s a series of products were introduced for the sector from iron, steel and non-ferrous producers: 

  • Aluminium 
  • Chromium 
  • Copper 
  • Ferrous alloys
  • Minor metals
  • Nickel alloys 
  • Zamak
  • Zinc

The fifth generation over the last 20 years has not only consolidated the domestic and international relationships with producers, principals and forwarding agents but has also adapted to a rapidly changing market. The Gerli family has always been characterized by its unique style that enabled them to rise to the challenges of the market.