Providing services of excellence

Gerli Metalli is a trading company that has worked for over a century in the non-ferrous metals, ferro alloys and pig iron market.  In this context Gerli plays the role of intermediary between production, trading and distribution to the metal industry. The international sourcing of raw materials enables us to have up to date market information and a global accurate view.

The diversification of our product range puts us in daily contact with the main sectors of the economy and their operators: automotive industry, constructions, cables, oil and gas and packaging. The constant relationships with the financial sector and the LME’s brokerage houses allow us flexibility and efficiency over price execution on metals and the forex market. To this regard, we also provide dynamic hedging in order to reduce the risk exposure and stabilize price fluctuations.

Our vision has always been focused on continuous development and improvement reaching a high level of complexity but favoring strong personal relationships and a long term approach rather than a purely opportunistic one. The company reputation is built over decades of history and is based on reliability and transparency that we have safeguarded and reinforced even during these last years of difficult economic environment.